Frequently Asked Questions

There is no clinical data on the use of CBD for pain relief, thus we cannot offer any  guidance on how much or how little CBD may effect your pain. We CAN tell you that  many of our customers use Red House CBD oils, gummies, and topical products to help  reduce exercise-induced inflammation and to help with joint & muscle pain – Even in  their pets!  

Many of our customers have reported using Red House CBD ingestible & topical  products to promote a healthy sleep cycle.

It’s important to note that Red House CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat,  cure or prevent any disease. Although, one of the most popular uses for Red House CBD  products is to help reduce day-to-day stress. Indeed, millions of people around the  world use CBD products to help create & sustain a sense of calm – even in their pets!

Have you tried our  CBD Quiz to see which products are right for you? 

For fast-acting effects, we recommend Red House CBD tincture oils. When administered  under the tongue, or “sublingually,” CBD is absorbed into the system rapidly.  – For longer-lasting effects, we recommend Red House CBD gummies. CBD in our infused  gummies is broken down & absorbed by your digestive system more slowly, allowing  the CBD to be utilized over a longer period of time.  

– Red House CBD topical products are absorbed into and through the skin & can offer fast  acting CBD benefits along with calming/soothing scents like peppermint, eucalyptus,  camphor, and menthol to aid in pain relief and relaxation.  

– Red House CBD topical beauty products are most often used for general skin health,  moisturization, reduction of redness or irritation, control of acne, and reducing the  visibility of scarring.

This is an easy one; NO! Red House CBD isolate products are always THC free** and will  never contain psychoactive ingredients.

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